Seychelles & Mauritius 2003

Our main holiday for the year. The following pages are a sample of the hundreds of pictures we took.


    Praslin. Here we spent 3 nights at the CoCo De Mer. Paradise

    Mahé. Here we spent 4 nights at the Coral Strand. An ugly high-rise block reminiscent of Butlitz. The only saving graces were the beach and some good reasonable restaurants nearby.


    We had 7 nights at the Marina Resort. As it’s a larger Island, we got about a bit more, so we divided the pictures up.

    1. The Marina Resort

    2. A trip to the capital, Port Louis, using the manic local busses.

    3. Still on the local busses, we visited the Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens.

    4. A trip by Land Rover up into the mountains.

    5. Then a sugar plantation.

    6. And a trip on a submarine.

    7. To a lakeside Hindu Temple and grounds.

    8. Other Trips

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